OCWW Manuscript Guidelines

One of the outstanding benefits to being an OCWW member is the opportunity to have your work critiqued by some of our highly qualified speakers. To check if a speaker is accepting manuscripts please scroll down to the list below. 

Critique Prerequisites, Directions, and Mandatory Fees for Submission

1.  Membership and Membership Fees:

Critiquing privileges are afforded solely to current OCWW members. Prior to submitting a manuscript for critique, the OCWW member must be current with membership fees for the current scheduling year.

2. Typically you will email your manuscripts  to: 


For all Speakers, unless otherwise indicated. Manuscripts should be sent as an attachment to email to ocww.info@gmail.com Manuscripts should be in Word, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font with one inch margins, pages numbered, and name on the front or in the header.  They should be received and paid for no later than 2 weeks before the workshop. 

  PLEASE NOTE: Different speakers may have additional requirements or guidelines for manuscript submission. See the event description below for complete details.

3.  Mandatory $10 Speaker Session Fees:

In addition to the manuscript fee, a single $10 session fee is required to submit a manuscript for an OCWW speaker’s critique. This $10 fee pays for the attendance of the session; this fee is due even if the member does not attend the speaker’s session.

4.  Speaker’s Critique Fee:

 $3 per page, with a 20 page maximum. *Please note there is a $15 (5 page) minimum*

5.  How to Pay for Your Critique:

  • Once your manuscript is received, you will be sent an invoice to allow for quick and easy online payment. Manuscripts cannot be passed onto the speaker without advance payment. Payment must be received at least two weeks before the workshop. Please plan ahead if you prefer to bring cash or check payable to OCWW to a meeting, or mail to OCWW, c/o Winnetka Community House, 620 Lincoln Ave., Winnetka, IL  60093. Please contact ocww.info@gmail.com if you haven't received your invoice. 
Upcoming Critique Opportunities for OCWW Members
(please see each speaker's event page for more info)

Abby Geni submit and pay by March 15

Amy Hassinger submit and pay by March 22

Barbara Barnett submit and pay by March 29

Abby Saul submit and pay for 1 page single spaced Query Letter by April 12 Fee is $15.

Tina Schwartz submit and pay for 1 page single spaced Query Letter by April 12 Fee is $15.
Tina will also accept the first ten pages of your manuscript by April 12.

Jac Jemc submit and pay by April 19

OCWW Manuscript Non-disclosure Policy:

OCWW does not disclose manuscripts submitted by its Members for critique by any OCWW workshop instructor/presenters to any source other than the instructor/presenter to whom the manuscript has been directed at the request of our OCWW Member. The organization serves only as the convenience conduit for transmittal of the manuscript to the person chosen by the author to perform the critique, nothing more. It is at the sole discretion of the manuscript writer as to whether they wish their name to be disclosed in any open forum reading or critique of the manuscript at any OCWW workshop. All instructions in that regard are between the author and the person designated to perform the manuscript critique.



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